Welcome to Gnaw's Knits

Gnaw would like to welcome you to his new website! Due to an issue with dinosaur/yarn stash interfacing, we here at Gnaw's Knits have now diversified into crochet, embroidery, felt and, of course, rainbow unicorns. We considered changing the name but, well, a certain someone wasn't having it. Apparently it would be too much of a mouthful, although I think he's got quite enough in his mouth already.

Gnaw only has small arms, so it's taking him a little longer than promised to get the e-commerce side of things up and running, but bear with us and we'll be with you soon. In the meantime, for the full range of products, come and see us on Facebook or at our brand new Etsy page. We've also joined the 21st Century and now you can find us on Instagram and Twitter where you'll also find Gnaw's irritating (but adorable!) selfies.

Chloe - Owner of Gnaw's Knits and Guardian to a mischevious, small, purple T-Rex.